Ryan Tharp's ADN (app.net) projects:

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Let's start with a list of projects:
AppDotNet Alternative API
An App.net compatible API implemented as an App.net client.
ChatView for ADN Global - Follow @chatview for updates
The best way to meet new people and join conversations on App.net. (An IRC-like view for the global stream)
Vidcast - Follow @vidcast for updates
An interactive video group playlist project with @q and @duerig started at the first ADN #hackathon
#MondayNightDanceParty - Follow @mndp for updates
Monday night's are no longer boring, send your song requests and enjoy finding new music. I mainly help out with integrating new web services and provide support to users
SIDENODE: I was reluctant to call myself part of this project because I was a fan first but after recently being involved in the planning meeting, I realize that I'm part of the team. Thanks @jdscolam and @33mhz.
ADN Stats
Want to know how the last 24 hours have treated App.net? I've attempted to revive @clint's appnetstats.com
AppBox - Follow @appbox for updates
a gateway, so you can read App.net posts and messages in any modern email client. I built this IMAP gateway entirely at the 2nd ADN #hackathon
List App - Last Update 4/20/13 - Follow @listapp for updates
Create, share, subscribe and manage lists of users, read the combined stream of posts. Made for @teawithcarl as my first messaging API project. Thanks to @duerig for the domain name
Project Llama - Last Update 1/26/13 - Follow @llama for updates
Working with @adrianus on a tag-based user annotations system for interest matching and match making.
AppDotNetPHP - Last Update 3/12/13 - Follow @adnphp for updates
I'm a collaborator on AppDotNetPHP, a PHP library for communicating with App.net. I did work on stream markers, channel/message API, CheckScopes and response envelopes. Polished and tested the streaming API too.
JSON description of the ADN API - Last Update 2/10/13
Hoping to make writing API libraries easier. You should be able to load in this data structure and create the appropriate functions.
Duerig's appnet.js based on this work.
API.Priv.IM - Last Update 1/4/13
Working with @ravisorg to establish a cross-client encryption standard for ADN
Annotations wiki - Last Updated 8/2/13
Working with @orian and @ravisorg on an automated way to populate a wiki that developers can then edit with all the information about annotations.

This should provide a consistent source for information about annotations.

The hope is get developers to re-use existing annotations rather than to build new ones, as well as increase client adoptions of these ADN extensions.

This is a work-in-progress. Annotations documentation available for the following ADN objects:

User Post
Channel Message
ADNServer.org projects
@davidkrauser has a shell server, @server, available to any one on ADN that wants an account.
Catalog of ADN widgets
My catalog of ADN Web Widgets that I found.
PubSubHubbub implementation
PuSH is a Web-standards publishing relay standard that enhances RSS feed distribution created by @haxor and maintained now by @julien. I've created a simple hub for App.net that's linked into the streaming system to trigger updates. This was a really fun, short and sweet project to do. Didn't take long to implement, harder to find people interested in using it.
Account sponsorship project
My first ADN project, a kickstarter like system for people that want ADN accounts but not necessarily afford them. On hold until there's more interest. Amateur developers that can't afford a developer account should check out @duerig's Dev Lite project.
ActivityStreams implementation
A work in progress. I have the basic structure done, just working on flushing out verbs and objects to be more detailed. Also looking for testers to validate it.
CAJA: CWA's ADN JSON API (I love it 4 acronym together! can it be any more cryptic?)
My own secret sauce for supporting all the features I want from ADN. This also provides a wrapper so I can abstract the datasource from the applications.

Press clippings/blog articles/interviews/podcasts mentions

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About Ryan

Ryan Tharp is a technology consultant primarily involved in internet communications technology. Everything from VOIP to Social Media. I'm interested in learning as much as I can about business and technology. I'm on contract with Genacom as their Sr. Systems Engineer and get to work on all sorts of exciting projects from across the united states due to their relationship with the world's largest hosting provider. I also run my on web consulting business that promotes web development technologies to start ups. I develop large websites with my wife, a designer and offer hosting and managed services. On the personal side of things, I love game development (including embedded, console, social and mobile) and advanced mathematics.

My links on About.me

Also see App.net's 7 questions with @ryantharp

Why I joined ADN

Was reading a lot of press. I want to see if they'd make their goal. With 5 days left things were not looking close. Then I checked back before their deadline (over a weekend) and they had made it! I was like "hrm, I'll check it out". I never really got into twitter (or understood it well), so this was a big leap for me. I hope it would be like what I heard early Twitter was like and from what I can tell, it's better. The small community is really of quality members.

Favorite ADN Event:

JDSCOLAM's #MondayNightDanceParty http://mndp.tv

Favorite ADN Clients: